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About the album


In 2017, Matt Mardini has met Rob Heaney at Studio Fast Forward - Montreal, where Rob was the sound engineer for this project, and he also mixed the final work ...

Rob Heaney has been a mainstay of the Montreal recording industry for over 25 years. He's tracked, mixed and produced music of all genres, from independent artists to major labels, collecting multiple gold and platinum records along the way.

In addition to albums, he's engineered and mixed scores for more than 50 films, documentaries and television productions, working with many critically acclaimed composers including James Gelfand and Benoit Jutras. He recorded live shows and studio sessions for albums and cinema, with orchestras and choirs in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, Prague, Budapest, Rome and London.

The two men have developed a friendship, and Matt has learned a lot from Rob.

This album is the first record for Matt in Canada, it is in memory of a great man, Rob ...

  1. And I Love Her

  2. For Me Formidable

  3. Ne Me Quitte Pas

  4. How Deep Is Your Love

  5. La Mer

The musicians

Piano, Musical  Arrangements - Parker Shper
Drums - Mark Wheaton 
Contrebasse - Morgan Moore

Recorded at Studio Fast Forward - Montreal

Recording engineers - Rob Heaney

Mixing - Rob Heaney

Album cover artwork: Edward Edilbi

Produced by: Matt Mardini - Fonix Records


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